From the vintage look to modern shape & from low price to high price, soundspick has a good collection of recommendations for best wi-fi speakers of 2021. They have quickly become a household essential so, it is important to choose the best wi-fi speaker for your home to protect your privacy concerns.

In the below table there are our top recommendations for every music lover who wants to move to advanced music life.

5 Best Wi-Fi speakers| Soundspick



Best for Smart Homes Best for Smart Homes
Sonos One Gen 2
Sonos One Gen 2
  • Multiroom:Yes
  • Bluetooth :No
  • Weight:4.08lbs
  • Streaming Features:Apple Airplay2
  • Digital Assistant:Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant
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Best for Apple Users Best for Apple Users
Apple HomePod
Apple HomePod
  • Multiroom:Yes
  • Bluetooth :Yes
  • Weight:5.5lbs
  • Streaming Feature: Apple Airplay, Apple Music
  • Digital Assistant:Apple Siri
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Best for Multi Room Audio Best for Multi Room Audio
Bose Home Speakers 500
Bose Home Speakers 500
  • Multiroom:Yes
  • Bluetooth :Yes
  • Weight:4.75lbs
  • Streaming Feature:Apple – Airplay2, Spotify, Amazon Music
  • Digital Assistant:Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant
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Best for Music Best for Music
AudioPro Addon C10
AudioPro Addon C10
  • Multiroom:Yes
  • Bluetooth :Yes
  • Weight:8.71lbs
  • Streaming Feature:Apple – Airplay2, Spotify, Amazon Music
  • Digital Assistant:Through – Bluetooth
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Best for Home Use Best for Home Use
Naim Mu-So Qb
Naim Mu-So Qb
  • Multiroom:Yes
  • Bluetooth :Yes
  • Weight:12.3lbs
  • Streaming Feature:Apple – Airplay2, Spotify, Amazon Music
  • Digital Assistant:NA
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Wi-Fi speakers are the new big thing in the speaker world. These provide better ease of use than Bluetooth speakers. These Wireless speakers also boast smart skills voice control via Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple’s Siri. The use of the best Wi-fi speaker makes it very convenient to control music in a multi-room environment.

If you are completely unaware and want to learn more about it then for your Assistance, in this article Sundspick has compiled a list of details features that you might look for when deciding the best Wi-Fi speaker.

Or you can also directly move to the detailed review just here below.



Sonnos One Gen 2 Check Price

Sonos One second generation is one of the best Wi-Fi speakers available in the market. I have selected it as my number one pick because of the smart features and great audio quality that it offers. The Sonos One offers support for both the Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant.

These assistants allow you to control all the smart devices installed in your house like lights, thermostat, door lock, garage doors, etc. Moreover, they can perform a lot of simple tasks like answering your questions and providing you solutions. All of these AI features aim to make your life easy.


Sonnos One Gen 2| Sounds pick

It has a very compact and premium design that fits easily into your home’s style. You can place it in your kitchen, living room, and even you can use it in the bathroom. You can remotely control Sonos one through an app that’s setup is very easy. You don’t even have to worry about damaging the speaker because it is humidity resistant. The sound quality is great and the best in its class.


The Sonos One supports multiple streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud, etc. This makes it very easy for you to stream music from the streaming platform of your choice. Another great feature of the Sonos One is that it can act as a multiroom audio system. It can be connected with other Sonos speakers and devices in the house and let you play music through them. Moreover, another cool feature is that two of these Sonos Ones can be paired to form a full stereo system and give you a proper stereo sound experience. The build quality of the Sonos One is also unmatched.

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What do we like about this speaker?

The Sonos One is a perfect speaker someone with a lot of smart home devices.Check Price Button| soundspick



Apple Homepod Check Price

If you are an Apple nerd and a music lover Apple HomePod is the best speaker for you. It is a smart Wi-Fi speaker. The audio engineering team at Apple has put in a lot of work into this speaker and has truly created a masterpiece.

Hompod’s most important feature is its audio quality. It is engineered in a way that provides you with the best music and audio experience.  The Apple HomePod detects its surroundings and creates sounds according to it. This feature of the HomePod lets it create all rounding and filling sounds. The audio quality of the HomePod is superior to all other speakers in the market. The difference in sound quality is easily audible when it is compared with other wi-fi speakers.


Apple Homepod| Soundspick

The HomePods also has a very aesthetic look which is common in Apple products. It has a woofer pointed upwards that creates a deep rich bass music experience. Seven tweeters that create beams of high-frequency sounds provide great direction control for the sounds.


The Apple HomePod supports Apple Siri which serves you as a digital assistant. The Apple Home Kit lets you control the smart devices installed in your house. It also has an app with an easy setup to remotely control the speaker from the house. The HomePod can stream music from Apple Music but with the help of Apple AirPlay2, you can stream music from your favorite music streaming platform. The Apple AirPlay2 also allows you to use multiple HomePods as multiroom speakers. Two HomePods can be paired to be used as stereo speakers.

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What do we like about this speaker?

Audio quality is engineered to perfection and a bonus for Apple lovers.

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Boss Home Speaker 500 Check Price

The Bose Home Speaker 500 is yet another best buy speaker from Bose’s line of Wi-Fi speakers. The audio quality of this speaker is definitely one of the best in its class. It has two sound drivers built into it which are pointed opposite in direction. These drivers bounce the sounds off walls and produce a very filling sound quality.


The speaker is designed to be compact and stylish looking. It has control buttons at the top which lets you control your music. A notable feature is the presence of custom buttons to which you can assign different controls. It has an LED display at the front which displays the song you are listening to.

Bose Home Speaker 500| soundspick

The body of the speakers is made of aluminum and is very elegant. You can put this speaker system in any room of your house and it will complement its décor. This speaker allows you control by an app. The app Setup is easy to do


The Home speaker 500 is a smart speaker and has Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant built into it by Bose. This feature allows it to blend into the smart home ecosystem. It allows for connectivity via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Apple Airplay, and Aux so you can easily stream music either from your device or from your favorite music streaming service. The Bose Home Speaker 500 also provides the option of multiroom playing. You can connect multiple Bose speakers, soundbars, and other Bose devices to the same Wi-Fi network and play music through them.

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What do we like about this speaker?

The smart features and wireless multiroom audio functionality make it perfect for home use.

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Audio Pro Addon C10 Check Price

The Audio Pro Addon C10 is the perfect blend of old-fashioned design and modern speaker technologies. The audio quality of this speaker is flawless. It sounds very crisp, loud, and has a good amount of bass in it.

Addon c10 provides all the latest connectivity options i.e. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Aux, and ethernet. The Bluetooth connectivity and the Aux input options are the easiest to set up. It takes you just minutes to connect your device to the AudioPro C10 and you are ready to play music. The Wi-Fi can also be easily set up by using the AudioPro Application.


Audio Pro Addon c10 | Soundspick

Addon c10 has a very classic design and is built for durability and performance. It has a very simple button layout at the top which lets you control your music. It also provides custom buttons that can be assigned different controls via the AudioPro App. This application enables you to stream music from different streaming services like Spotify, TuneIn, Deezer, etc. The App also provides options like configuring the EQ, treble, etc.


The Addon C10 supports connectivity through Airplay so if you own an Apple device you can easily play music through it. Two Addon C10s can be connected and used as a stereo pair system. One major feature offered by the Addon C10 is the multiroom capability. You can sync multiple AudioPro devices present in the house and control the music playing through them. The option of connectivity through Bluetooth opens the door for using Amazon Alexa with this speaker. 

To learn more, check out our Audio Pro Addon C10 Review.
What do we like about this speaker?

Connectivity options like Bluetooth, Aux, Wi-Fi, ethernet, etc. make it very usable.

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Naim Mu So Qb Check Price

Naim is known for its premium products and Mu-So Qb is no different. It promises superior audio quality and a very premium looking design.

The Naim Mu-So Qb carries the superior audio quality found in other premium Naim speakers. Two tweeters, two midrange drivers, two bass radiators, and a woofer, all of this is packed inside this small compact cube of Naim Mu-So Qb. All these drivers work together to give you a nice deep music experience.

DESIGNNaim Mu-So QB | Soundspick

It has a dial with touch-sensitive controls on top which lets you control the play of music. The body is covered in a rich fabric grille and the bottom is made of glass. This glass aluminates with the Naim Logo and gives a very premium look to the speakers.


It supports input from Wi-fi, Bluetooth, Airplay, and even Aux. All these connectivity options enable you to play music from your device or through services like Spotify Connect, Roon-Ready, TIDAL, or Apple Airplay2. The connectivity is very simple and you can start listening to music in minutes. The Naim Mu-So Qb also supports multiroom connectivity meaning that you can connect different Naim products in the house and control music through them with the Naim Application

To learn more, check out our detailed Naim Mu-So QB Review

What do we like about this speaker?

Its premium design and audio quality are a treat for music lovers

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Most of the Wi-Fi speakers are packed with all the modern wireless connectivity options like Bluetooth, Airplay, etc. They also allow for connectivity through a wired medium like the Aux and ethernet cables. When you find all these options in a speaker you don’t have to worry about what form of input you have.

Moreover, most of the Wi-Fi speakers are smart speakers. They are pre-installed with digital assistants that fulfill your voice assistance needs and let you control smart devices installed in your house. When you buy a Wi-Fi speaker, you are not just buying a speaker but a product with a lot of features and functionalities.

If you want a simple speaker that is portable you can always go for a Bluetooth speaker. But if you want a speaker that integrates into the ecosystem of your smart house and provide tons of connectivity options you should buy a Wi-Fi speaker. There are many Wi-Fi speaker options available and it can be hard for you to select one. But some general guidelines can be followed when you are choosing one.

  1. You should consider the digital assistant, compatible streaming services, and the connectivity options available in a speaker.
  2. Moreover, if you want to sync multiple devices and enjoy the multiroom experience you should check whether the speaker supports the multiroom connection.
  3. And last but not least you should look for a speaker with the right build and audio quality. After all, you don’t want a speaker with tons of features but poor sound quality. Good audio quality in Wi-Fi speakers is also not hard to find. There are many top brands that are known to offer great quality in their speakers and you should always look for their products.


What are Wi-Fi speakers?

Wi-Fi speakers use Wi-Fi technology for connection. You can connect your smartphone and the Wi-Fi speaker to the same internet connection and play music through it.

Wi-Fi speakers are simply a type of 

It can connect with your local internet connection or your smart phone’s private network to stream music directly from your phone’s library. Wi-Fi speakers also stream music from streaming services like Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music, and Sirius XM, etc.

How do Wi-Fi speakers work?

Wi-Fi speakers use Wi-Fi technology to transmit the audio data from the source to the speaker. The speaker is connected to the home Wi-Fi or local network. Similarly, the source device such as a smartphone is connected to the same network. After connection, you can stream music from the smartphone. Usually, the manufacturers provide app support which makes this steaming process easier. These apps support multiple streaming services like Spotify, Amazon music, etc.

How to connect Wi-Fi Speakers?

Connecting a Wi-Fi speaker to your source device i.e. smartphones are generally an easy task. Manufacturers of the speaker make this process easier by providing an app for their speakers. All you need to do is download the app, follow simple steps the app tells you to do, and you are good to go. These apps automatically connect your device to the speaker and allow you to stream music through their supported streaming services.

What is a good Wi-Fi speaker for home use?

The Sonos One is a great speaker for home use. for more information about this wonderful speaker click here.

Which are good brands for Wi-Fi Speakers?

Sonos and Bose are two of the best brands for Wi-Fi speakers.

Wi-Fi Speakers Vs Bluetooth Speakers:

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are two of the major wireless connectivity technologies used in speakers. Bluetooth has been used in speakers for connectivity purposes for a long time. It has made wireless speakers so popular that they are found in every household these days. Bluetooth is easy to set up and provides great usability. But however good it is, it has its own set of limitations. The Wi-Fi technology was introduced in speakers to address some of these limitations. But the Wi-Fi is also not the holy grail as well. Both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi have their pros and cons and I am going to list some of them here.

  • WiFi Speakers:
  • Prox
  • Long rang of connectivity:
  • Better streaming rate.
  • Cons
  • Expensive
  • Requires more power.


Are Wi-Fi speakers better than Bluetooth speakers?

Wi-Fi speakers have some advantages over the Bluetooth speaker. Wi-Fi speakers have a greater range of connectivity and a higher streaming rate.

As this can be seen, the strength of one technology is the weakness of the other. For this reason, it is not fair to name one technology better than the other. But for the sake of simplicity, we can conclude that Bluetooth speakers are more portable and suitable for outdoor usage but could be used as indoor like; shower speakers or bathroom speakers. On the other hand, Wi-Fi speakers need an internet connection and maybe a power connection, so they are better for use at home. Most of the Wi-Fi speakers have Bluetooth technology installed in them. The multiroom capabilities and the smart assistant installed in the Wi-Fi speakers are more friendly towards the smart house devices and easily become a part of their ecosystem.

what are multiroom Speakers?

Multi-room speakers allow you to play music through speakers that are placed in different rooms of the house.



The Wi-Fi speakers can connect to the internet and this adds a lot of capabilities to the speakers. One of these is the addition of AI assistants like the Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant. These digital assistants bring a lot of functionalities with them and make the speakers a part of the smart home’s ecosystem. This enables you to control the smart devices installed in the home like lights, cameras, door locks, etc. Another great feature the Wi-Fi technology adds to the speakers is the ability to stream music through your favorite streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music. So, whenever you are looking for a Wi-Fi speaker look for the digital assistant and the streaming services it supports.


Many of the Wi-Fi speakers offer the feature of multiroom playing. The speakers are connected to the same network and placed in different rooms. You can then control music playing in every room through your mobile device. This is a great feature for home usage as you can be at any place in the house and control the music playing in other rooms. This feature is not found in Bluetooth speakers as they cannot be connected and controlled beyond a certain distance.


After taking into account the smart capabilities of a Wi-Fi speaker you must not forget to consider the quality of the speakers. This includes factors like the actual audio performance, build, and design of the speakers. There are many speakers in the market that offer great sound quality and I will list some of them later in the article. The performance and design really depend on the brand of the speakers. There are many top brands that do not compromise on the quality of the speakers. Their speakers have a clear and rich sound and have a very stylish and ergonomic design that fits right into your house’s style. I will also list some of the top brands for Wi-Fi speakers later in the article.


Portability is a big major that you have to consider when you are buying a Wi-Fi speaker. The reason is that not all of the Wi-Fi speakers are portable. They are not portable in the sense that they often require a power cable plugged into them. As I have already told, Wi-Fi speakers need more power as compared to the Bluetooth ones. For this reason, most of the Wi-Fi speakers are powered by cables. So, if you want a Wi-Fi speaker that you can carry with you to the beach or any outdoor event you should go for a battery-powered Bluetooth speaker. The wire powered Wi-Fi speakers are great if you want to use them at home. They provide a better range and are often installed with Bluetooth technology.