The Sounds pick team believes that music is meant to be felt by the soul. Artists put their heart and soul in producing a song for their audience. More often than not the true experience of the songs is destroyed by a bad choice of speaker. Finding the perfect speaker whose sound gets to your soul is not easy especially when there are so many options available. Every speaker looks great in brand new packaging and most people are deceived by such marketing tactics. You cannot know the quality of a speaker unless you use it. Moreover, you certainly don’t have the time to test every speaker to check its quality. That is why our teams at the Sounds Pick headquarters test each speaker very carefully and provide you with hands-on experience. The information on our website is meant to save your money and more importantly your time.

The information about modern speakers on the internet is very inaccurate and biased. Every article about every speaker on the internet depicts that speaker as the best. It is very rare that someone writes genuinely about a speaker. So, our team has made it our mission to provide you with the best quality content written out of the real experience. You will never find a review on our site that is all praises about a product. Nothing is perfect and we present the flaws of a product in the same manner as we present its strengths.

Can you trust us?

The idea behind every piece of article we publish is to provide unbiased and accurate information to the music lovers. For this reason, we have put together a team of audiophiles that tests latest audio products and express genuine experience in these articles. We do not rate products just by using them once or twice. Our testing process is quite extensive and a lot of work is put into it. Our experts usually use a product personally for at least three months before judging and writing about it. The reviews are unbiased and every opinion put forward by our experts is based on real experience. So, if you are wondering if you can trust us or not, we can confidently say “Yes” because we believe in being real.