Audio Pro is known for unique designs and durability in their products. The Addon C10 is the biggest model in the Addon line of Wi-Fi speakers. This is a feature-packed speaker with a classic design. It looks like an old-fashioned speaker but it satisfies all the latest technological demands. It has tons of connectivity options like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, aux, etc. which make it a very versatile speaker. The teams at the Audio Pro have worked really hard to make it a very usable speaker. They have developed an app that allows you to connect your smartphones to the speaker and play music with the ease of use. The build quality of the Addon C10 is another great feature. It has a very sturdy finish and is built to be durable. I like modern gadgets with classic design so I really wanted to test this speaker. I bought it about two months ago and have used it extensively since then. Now that I have used it, I am going to share my experience with this speaker.

Audio Pro Addon C10 Review


  • A very classic design.
  • The Audio-Pro Application provides ease of use.


  • It is not a smart speaker so it lacks some functionalities.

Comparison of Audio Pro Addon C10 Review with Other Wi-Fi Speakers:

Audio Pro Audio Pro
Audio Pro Addon C10
  • ✔️:Alexa and Google Assistant (via Bluetooth)
  • ✔️:USB
  • ✔️:Multiroom
  • ✔️:Apple AirPlay
  • ✔️:App Support
  • :Apple Siri
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Naim Naim
Naim Mu-So QB
    • ✔️:USB
    • ✔️:UPnP
    • ✔️:Aux
    • ✔️:Multiroom
    • ✔️:Apple Airplay
    • ✔️:App support
    • ✔️:Not Smart Speaker
  • :Apple Siri
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Apple Apple
apple homepod 2
Apple HomePod
  • ✔️:Apple Siri
  • ✔️:Multiroom
  • ✔️:Apple AirPlay
  • ✔️:App Support
  • :Amazon Alexa
  • :Google Assistant
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Retro Design

The retro design of the Addon range of speakers is one of their most prominent features. Many people like having devices that look vintage. The Audio Pro has provided them with the perfect combination of modern technology and a vintage look. If you are one of such people then you will love this Wi-Fi speaker. And even if you are not into these classic shapes and designs the Addon C10 still looks pretty decent and enhances the style of the room it is placed in. It has a classic rectangular box design with the speakers facing the front side. There are button controls at the top. These buttons allow you to perform basic functions like playing, pausing, increasing and decreasing volume, etc. It also has buttons to toggle between different connectivity options like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, aux, etc. The aux input jack is also located at the top along with these buttons. One great feature that the teams at Audio Pro have decided to offer is custom button keys. These keys can be set to perform different functions like playing music through a specific station or something simple like playing a specific track. All these keys can be configured through the Audio Pro App. The back of the speaker is where all the magic happens. It has a power plug and a LAN cable port at the backside. Moreover, there is a USB port, a toggle button to switch between Wi-Fi, Bluetooth modes, and jacks for RCA cables. Overall, the speaker has a nice smooth finish and is made very sturdy. It is a bit heavy and is designed to be durable.

Audio Pro Addon C10 Design

Loud Bass Heavy Audio Performance

Audio Pro Addon C10 might look like a small speaker but don’t let its small size fool you. Anybody who looks at it can confidently claim that it is a small speaker and it probably sounds low. But the Addon C10 has some tricks up its sleeve. It actually has good sound levels at normal volume and if you crank it up to full volume it will blow your mind. Moreover, it also has good deep bass which is a feature desired by many people. So, if you are looking to use the Addon C10 at parties, take my word on it, it will not disappoint you.

Flexible Connectivity Options

One of the great things about the Addon C10 is that it offers a lot of connectivity options to its users. It is a compact speaker packed with connection technologies like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, aux, USB, and RCA. If you think about it these are more than a normal person would require in a speaker. The most common one for an average person would be the Wi-Fi integrated streaming platform that it offers. Services like Spotify, Deezer, TuneIn, Tidal are all supported by the C10. These are all accessible through the Audio Pro app. But if you have got audio files on your smartphone which are not available on these streaming services you can use the Bluetooth, aux, or RCA inputs to connect your device to the speaker and play them through these. The Addon C10 also has support for Apple Airplay so you can play music directly through your Apple devices without any hassle.

The Audio Pro App

I have been amazed by how helpful the Audio Pro app is and how it can help with everything related to the C10 speaker. The first thing is it helps you after its setup with your smartphone. All the supported streaming services are accessible through the app so it directly helps you in playing music. It also lets you change different settings like the bass on the speaker, volume, and various other levels. It also helps you to use two Addon C10s in the form of a stereo pair. Similarly, the multiroom feature of the Addon C10 is also used using the Audio pro app. All you do is pair the devices up using the app and you are ready to play music in different parts of your house.

Final Thoughts

To sum up my experience with the Addon C10 pro I would say that I am very content with its performance. I have mentioned earlier that I like vintage designs so it has been a treat for me. The sound quality of the speaker came as a shocker as I was not expecting it to be so loud and bass-heavy. The versatile connectivity options add more value to this speaker as it becomes more usable. Some people might only require a few of these options but having so many definitely break all the limitations. The support for multiroom speakers is a major feature that becomes extremely useful if you own more than one of these Audio pro speakers. In general, it is a great speaker with awesome features and I highly recommend it.

Features and Specs:

  • Weight: 8.71lbs(3.95kgs)
  • Dimensions: H x W x D 166 x 320 x 180 mm
  • Assistant: Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant (Through Bluetooth)
  • Support: Apple Airplay
  • Multiroom: Yes

What is in the Box?

  • AudioPro Addon C10
  • Power Cord

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