Audio Pro is one of the best known companies which offer best speaker of latest technology named Wi-Fi speaker. As this technology allow the wireless access to your speakers that is best then other wireless technology like Bluetooth. Company has designed a control app for their multi room speakers and devices. This app is named Audio Pro Control and is available on both the iOS and android devices. This app is very useful as it lets you control every feature of your Audio Pro device in a very simple manner that are discuss here below.

How To Setup Audio Pro Control


  • The wireless line of speakers and devices by Audio Pro offers support for many music streaming services like Spotify, Deezer, TuneIn etc. All of these services can be used directly through the Audio Pro Control app.
  • The good thing about using this app is that you don’t even need to open the apps of these streaming services separately. It will automatically switch between these apps by itself.
  • You can control different music services all in one place. This becomes extremely useful when you use more than one streaming service. One major feature that this line of speakers have is that they are packed with lots of connectivity options like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Apple Airplay etc.
  • The control app is designed to make it easy for the users to manage different devices connected through these input sources. Similar to the music streaming platforms all of the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi inputs can be controlled and managed through this app.
  • The multi room feature of these speakers is also managed through this app. You can assign different speakers to different rooms and then use them as multi room speakers through this app. Two speakers can also be used to form a stereo pair where one acts as the left channel and the other works as the right channel. Different settings for such a stereo pair can be tweaked using the control app.
  • The control app also lets you save presets for buttons available on the speaker. Besides providing the users with all these services it also allows the user to tweak different settings like volumes, bass, treble etc.

The Audio Pro app is a well-rounded app but some people find it complicated to use. In this next section we will cover how you can use this app.

How to setup your Audio Pro speaker with the Control app?

Teams at Audio Pro have tried their best to make the setup process as easy as possible. In order to connect your Audio Pro speaker or device you need to make sure that you have downloaded the Audio Pro Control app first.

Then plug in the power cord to start the speaker and open the Audio Pro Control app. As soon as you open the app it will start searching for nearby Audio Pro speakers. Once it finds your speaker nearby a button will pop up saying “Add Speaker”. Press this button to start configuring the speaker.

Audio pro control app setup

The app will then ask you to select a Wi-Fi network for your new speaker. Select your Wi-Fi network and enter its password so that the speaker can connect to it.

Audio pro control app setup

After you have connected the Wi-Fi the app will ask you to press the “Wi-Fi Connect” button which is located at the backside of your speaker or device. Press this button and you are ready to play music through the speaker. The app will then ask you to select a room for you speaker and that’s it, you can start playing music.

Audio pro control app setup

How to use the Audio Pro app?

Audio Pro have developed an interactive and user-friendly interface for this app. Playing music, using multi room and changing different settings is extremely simple. Now we will go through the steps of how you can play music, change different settings and use the multi room feature.

Play Music and Multi room

Playing music and using multi room is very simple using this app. In the main menu there is a list of available speakers. Simply tap on the speaker you want to play music through. A new screen will pop up from where you can select whether you want to play music using Streaming services or through Bluetooth, aux etc. Let’s say you want to play music through Spotify. Tap on Spotify and the AudioPro app will automatically open Spotify for you. You can even change the playback speaker from there. This way you can control the music playing through every speaker in your Home speaker system.

Tweak Settings

AudioPro control app allows you to change different settings like volume, bass, treble etc. In order to change these settings simply tap the settings icon present on the app’s main menu. A list of different settings options will pop up. From this list you can change carious settings like your speaker’s name, bass and treble. You can also set and change what preset buttons should do from this list. You can set a sleep timer and view info about your speaker. One cool feature available in this settings menu is that you can view “Wi-Fi strength” which basically tells you how strong is the connection between the router and the speaker.

How to save a preset using the AudioPro app?

The preset buttons available on the speakers can be assigned radio stations or streaming services. This way you can simply press those presets to start playing the specified station. Saving presets using the app is very simple task. Just find the radio station that you wish to assign to any of the preset buttons and simply press the speaker image at its right. This will save that station to any of the available preset buttons. After this you are ready to use the preset button.