Wireless Speaker Kits basically turn your wired audio systems go wireless just like Bluetooth speakers. A compact-sized kit that can convert your favorite wired speaker system into an integrated wireless system that you can arrange in any way.

Most people don’t even know that they can convert their wired, messy and troublesome audio systems into wireless and hassle-free audio systems but using these amazing wireless speakers kits/ transmitters. Imagine turning your home theater into a complete wirelessly coordinated modern audio system by simply installing a conversion kit. 

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Usually, people find it challenging to choose the right Wireless Speaker Kit for their sound system. Some speaker kits come with a built-in amplifier while the others just serve the purpose of the transmitter and receiver. Another thing to keep in mind before purchasing a Wireless Speaker Kit is that the range varies in between different kits and some of them are only compatible with particular models of speakers.

But worry no more, as we have got it all covered for you. We’ve brought you a complete guide and reviews to some of the Best Wireless Speaker Kits which assist in overcoming routine challenges and mess one has to face with wired audio systems. 

Best Speaker kit for Music Best Speaker kit for Music
TaoTronics Long Range Bluetooth 5.0 Transmitter
Tao Tronics
  • Size: 1.77 x 1.3 x 0.35 inches
  • Weight: 0.4 lbs
  • Range: 50 meter
  • Battery: Yes
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Best Plug and Play Speaker Kit
Best Plug and Play Speaker Kit
Avantree Lock aptX Low Latency Wireless Transmitter and Receiver Set
Avantree Lock aptX
    • Size: 1.5 x 4.65 x 6.54 inches
    • Weight: 0.26 lbs
    • Range: 30 meter
    • Battery: Yes
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Best multi Channel Speaker Kit Best multi Channel Speaker Kit
BIC America WTR Sys Wireless Transmitter Receiver Kit
BIC America WTR-Sys
  • Size: 8.27 x 8.27 x 1.97 inches
  • Weight: 1.9 lbs
  • Range: 25 meter
  • Battery: No
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Best Speaker Kit for Subwoofer Best Speaker Kit for Subwoofer

DYNASTY PROAUDIO WSA 5TR Version 2 Wireless Subwoofer Speaker Kit

  • Size: 6.61 x 4.8 x 2.52inches
  • Weight: 0.9 lbs
  • Range: 30 meter
  • Battery: No
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Best Long Range Speaker Kit Best Long Range Speaker Kit
iFinity Wireless Audio Transmitte
Ifinity Wireless Audio Transmitter
  • Size: 4.5 x 1.3 x 3.5 inches
  • Weight: 0.19 lbs
  • Range: 180 meter
  • Battery: No
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Best Speaker Kit for Amplifier Best Speaker Kit for Amplifier
Amphony 1700 Wireless Speaker Kit
Amphony 1700 Wireless Speaker Kit
  • Size: 5 x 2 x 3.5 inches
  • Weight: 0.29 lbs
  • Range: 90 meter
  • Power source: No
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Best for easy installation Best for easy installationOSD Audio Wireless Surround Sound Subwoofer and Speaker Kit WRSK 250 OSD WRSK-250
  • Size: 2 x 7 x 4 inches
  • Weight: 3.09 lbs
  • Range: 30 meter
  • Battery: No
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Best Speaker Kit for Bass Best Speaker Kit for Bass
Klipsch WA 2 Wireless Subwoofer Kit
Klipsch WA-2
  • Size: 2.1 x 1.3 x 2.1 inches
  • Weight: 1 lbs
  • Range: 15 meter
  • Battery: No
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Best Speaker kit for Music

Taotronics Long Range Bluetooth 5.0:

TaoTronics Long Range Bluetooth 5.0 Transmitter 1

One of the hot-selling and popular names is Wireless Speaker Kits. This transmitter by Taotronics uses Qualcomm® aptX™ but is also compatible with Bluetooth 5.0 and supports older devices as well. This Wireless Speaker Kit provides a simplistic and compact design to give an enhanced look to your audio system. 

If you’re looking for a long-range device, look no further as this device streams audio wirelessly up to a range of 50meters in the open air. This speaker kit has multiple functions, not just provides a wireless connection to your speakers through Bluetooth but also can be used as a converter to build a cable connection. You can easily switch between wired and Bluetooth connections without unplugging the cables.  

This device also supports auxiliary and RCA audio jacks to connect to audio systems which are not one of the latest ones. With aptX’s low latency codec mode, this device eliminates the audio-visual lag which results in giving you a better media experience.

If you have a powerful setup already and are looking for an inexpensive wireless speaker kit then this product is worth checking out.

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Best Plug and Play Speaker Kit


Avantree Lock aptX Low Latency Wireless Transmitter and Receiver Set 1

This Wireless Speaker Kit is one of the most competitive devices which use Qualcomm ® aptX™. This Device is not multi-functional but just acts as a transmitter and receiver with media/audio devices in a room. One of the best and simplistic solutions for people who are tired of wired speakers and are looking to add a sophisticated touch to their speaker systems. 

This is one of the most compact Wireless Speaker Kit but powerful and long-range up to 30meters makes it worth investing in. The only constraint is that this device is connected to speakers with a 3.5mm audio jack but if we look into their practicality these transmitters are designed especially for the audio systems which do not connect to your devices through Bluetooth and require an auxiliary cable for connection.

 Once you connect your audio setup with this device, it saves you the hassle of connecting your system with cables, again and again, to listen to music or connect your audio systems with different devices. 

Avantree Lock no doubt seems to lack in power but if looking into it factually, the wired speakers are usually quite powerful themselves to give a good and ample amount of output even without amplifiers. 

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Best 4 Channel Wireless Speaker Kit

BIC America WTR-Sys:

BIC America WTR Sys Wireless Transmitter Receiver Kit 1

BIC America WTR-Sys Speaker Kit enables easy and convenient wireless hookup for subwoofers and powered speakers. You do not need to worry about those messy and tangled cables of your outdated speaker systems which do not support wireless connectivity anymore.

A compact, sleek, and simple design gives an enhanced feel to your audio system and gives you high-quality disc sounds anywhere within the 25-meter range wirelessly.

This Wireless Speaker kit enables you to connect to 4 separate channels simultaneously. It can be connected to your pc, mac, tv, mobile phones, etc through an RCA connector or auxiliary cable and save you the hassle and mess of wired connections between your devices and speaker systems by simply making the connectivity wireless. 

If you have a powerful sound system already however it does not support wireless connectivity then this device is one of the go-to devices and an excellent edition to give you the same premium and crisp sound quality without any lag.

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Best Speaker Kit for Subwoofer


DYNASTY PROAUDIO WSA 5TR Version 2 Wireless Subwoofer Speaker Kit 1

Wireless Speaker Kit by Dynasty Proaudio uses the latest wireless audio technology which supports 5.2 and 5.8GHz dual-band connections. Specially designed for power subwoofers and speakers.

The wireless connection saves trouble and eliminates the hassle of managing cables and unnecessary holes in the wall. With approximately 30meters of range, you can place your audio system in any suitable corner of your room without worrying about the wires and enjoy your audio streaming wirelessly.

 This device basically plays the role of transmitter and receiver and does not include a built-in amplifier, moreover, it does not compromise on your audio system quality and delivers crisp, premium, and full CD quality sound.

The Dynasty ProAudio WSA-5TR features 4g channeling which enables it to select the best channel to avoid any sort of interference and distortion to provide you with premium audio output.

Undoubtedly High Wireless Transmission Performance Speaker Kits with zero lag, faster, stable and better audio is a modern solution to update your powerful wired audio systems and make them wireless with minimal investment. 

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Best Long Range Speaker Kit

Ifinity Wireless Audio Transmitter

iFinity Wireless Audio Transmitte 1

With advanced wireless technology this quality Wireless Speaker Kit by Amphony, besides being compact in size, transmits audio across walls and rooms without any distortion, humm, or weird hitches. Unlike many other Wireless Speaker Kits, it instantly turns on your powered subwoofers, speakers once a signal is sent and acts as a straight wire connection.

Undoubtedly a great device for connecting wired (LFE) subwoofers/speakers to an av receiver. Ifinity wireless transmitter streams your audio uncompressed and on full CD quality to up to four receivers covering a radius of around 180meters so you need not worry about placements of your speakers around your room, house, or even outdoors. 

Plug your iPod or iPhone into the built-in cradle or, attach your mp3 and mp4 players through line audio input or simply connect the transmitter to amplified loudspeaker outputs of the home theatre. 

With easy installation and a very easy setup procedure to upgrade your audio system to a wireless one. You do not need a professional for it or set up cabling projects. It provides you with multiple options of how you can facilitate through it. 

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Best Speaker Kit for Amplifier

Amphony 1700 Wireless Speaker Kit

Amphony 1700 Wireless Speaker Kit 1

A smaller version of Amphony 1800 including many similar features but at half the price! Amphony 1700 allows you to turn your house into a massive audio zone. Being compact in size it yet delivers better than many of its competitors. This Wireless Speaker kit not only makes you audio system wire-free but also powers it up with its 2x40watts of output.

The powerful transmitter with up to 90 meters of range delivers uncompressed true CD-quality audio. This Wireless Speaker Kit comes with a built-in amplifier that can connect directly to up to two passive subwoofers/ speakers.

At a time four transmitters can be connected to the kit allowing you to establish a massive audio zone without worrying about the connectivity and messy cables. The brand marketed this wireless speaker kit as having a linear frequency response.

If you’re looking for a wireless speaker kit that enhances your audio system’s output as well as allows you to establish your own wide-ranged audio zone then this is the go-to speaker kit for you.

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Best kit for easy installation


OSD Audio Wireless Surround Sound Subwoofer and Speaker Kit WRSK 250 1The Small kit allows you to benefit from a 2.4GHz digital wireless linkWith a sleek and compact design, the kit is easy to install and keep out of sight in-home and media rooms. The pretty cool design of the kit avoids blasting holes into the walls.

With a range of almost 30meters, it allows you to create a Dolby or DTS surround sound system without worrying about the placements of your subwoofers/speakers indoors or outdoors. Featuring a 34-channel selection that provides your sound setup with high signal integrity to deliver crisp and premium sound without any interference, distortion, and delay.

This Wireless Speaker Kit by OSD Audio consists of some extraordinary features. It consists of a built-in 2x25watts class-D amplifier which can give a little boost to your audio system along with making the connectivity completely wireless. 

Not so heavy on the pocket and yet delivers the more than the purpose of it is a specialty about this device.  A goto device if you want to upgrade your wired sound setup to one with completely wireless connectivity and enhance its performance without compromising on any sort of factors. 

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Best Speaker Kit for Bass

Klipsch WA-2

Klipsch WA 2 Wireless Subwoofer Kit 1

This Wireless Speaker Kit by Klipsch is only compatible with the subwoofers which have a WA input connector. It replaces the need for a lengthy, thick subwoofer cable which is used to connect the receiver/processor and the subwoofer.

A simple two-piece plug and play kits add wireless capability to your subwoofers in seconds. Klipsch WA-2 has a range of approx 15 meters so you can create your audio zone or surround sound for home theatre without any worries. 

Without the restrictions of cables, you can place your subwoofers/speakers anywhere without compromising on the sound quality and ambiance of the media room. Unlike some other Wireless Speaker Kits, you do not need to pair manually. The transmitter detects the receiver automatically once it is switched on. 

The transmitter’s input gain control compensates for varying output levels of different receivers, allowing maximum performance without any compromise on the sound quality with any compatible system.

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How to choose the best Wireless Speaker Conversion kit? (User Guide)

There are some key factors that need to be considered before buying any Wireless Speaker kit. Not all the kits have similar performance outcomes. They differ in range, latency, and power outputs.  Some Kits have built-in amplifiers which help you add a little boost to the audio system as well as make it go wireless and get free from the trouble caused by the wires.

Some Kits only transmit and receive the audio signals. The core purpose of designing such kits is to facilitate people who already have a powerful setup but are tired of the mess caused by cables and want to give a tidy look to their sound system by making it wireless. 

Kits that transmit audio signals through Bluetooth, usually such kits are convenient to use but can cause distortion and might affect the sound quality. Meanwhile, the kits which transmit signals through radio frequencies are more rigid and rich when it comes to performance, the range and output are both comparatively better.

Our Advice for you is to pick a Wireless Speaker Kit with only a Transmitter and Receiver and no additional features. Now there are a few reasons for this recommendation, they are cheaper, and in case your sound system is not a very extraordinary one then you can not make it any better with Wireless Speaker Kits with built-in amplifiers even, so no need to spend extra. 

In case your subwoofers are capable of higher output, then you might opt for a Wireless Speaker Kit with a Built-in amplifier to give it a little boost and convert the wired system into wireless. So it all sums up to what are your requirements. Once you figure out what you require from your sound system then there are various options available from which you can choose accordingly. 

Can wired speakers be converted into wireless speakers?

Yes, Wired Speakers can be converted into wireless ones by the use of a Wireless Speaker Kit. You can also use some popular wifi devices like Chromecast, Echo Dot, Sonos Connect, etc. 

How can you make your old speakers Bluetooth supported?

Adding a simple Bluetooth receiver to your powered speakers is the most cost-effective and easy solution but in case you have passive bookshelf speakers then you might be needing a wireless speaker kit with a built-in amplifier. 

Do all Wireless Speaker Kits consist of built-in amplifiers?

No, it’s not the case that all of the kits include built-in amplifiers. In fact, there are comparatively lesser Wireless Speaker Kits that have a built-in amplifier than the one which does not.

What is the best option for making TV/ Home Theater Speakers wireless?

If you have powered subwoofers then you just need a kit with a simple transmitter and a receiver to experience wireless sound. In case you choose a Bluetooth kit, always make sure it supports aptX LL to avoid unwanted sync issues.

Do wireless Speaker Kits affect the sound quality?

No, these wireless speaker kits do not make you compromise on the sound quality as long as the audio zone is set within the range of the transmitters, in fact, some of the kits come along with built-in amplifiers to give a little boost to your sound system. So you need not to worry about the sound quality.


In today’s era, any electronic devices connected together with a bunch of wires do give an outdated and messy look for sure. With the move towards more space in homes and the increase in the growth of home theatres and its demand, it will be of great convenience for people to have a wireless sound setup in case of wired ones to save themselves from messy and lengthy wires lying all across the room.

There are countless advantages of using a Wireless Speaker Conversion Kit. As mentioned above, some of them include built-in amplifiers as well so in case your audio system is capable of better performance, then these kits are good enough to give that boost to your audio system.
However, there are multiple options and brands when it comes to wireless speaker kits so you may choose one according to your requirement. We’ve discussed some famous wireless kits in detail and with side by side comparison to make them convenient for you.

Although connectivity is becoming less of an issue still you need to watch out before buying a conversion kit as some do not work very well with a lot of speakers. Our top picks for you are the best Wireless Speaker Kits available in the market and we hope you find the guide useful, let us know with your important comment.