Apple Home Pod is one of the best Wi-Fi speakers and its  setup is very simple. The whole process takes just a few minutes and at the end, the Home Pod is ready to used. In order to set up the Apple HomePod Speaker with your Apple iPhone, you need to make sure that your iPhone is up to dated. You also need to enable iCloud Keychain from the settings.

How To Setup Apple Homepod App

How to Setup Apple Homepod

To start the setup process power your Apple Home Pod. Turn Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on your iPhone and bring it close to the Home Pod. The iPhone will automatically detect the Home Pod and a card will pop up on the iPhone with a ‘Set Up” button on it. Press this button to start the setup process.

How to setup apple Home pod app_system setup

The iPhone will ask you to select a room for your HomePod. Once you have selected the room it will ask you to export your Apple Music settings to the HomePod. If you are not an Apple Music subscriber it will ask you to start the three-month trial or simply skip the step. Then it will ask you if you want to “Enable Personal Requests”.

How to setup apple Home pod app

If you enable this setting you will be able to request Apple Siri to reply to messages, read texts etc. 

How to setup apple Home pod app

After this step it will show you some simple features of the Apple Siri that you can use with the Apple HomePod. Finally, you will be asked to read and agree to the terms and conditions.

How to setup apple Home pod app

After you agree, you have successfully set up your Apple HomePod.

How to setup apple Home pod app

How to Play Music through the HomePod?

Playing Music through the Apple HomePod is very straightforward. Simply ask Siri to play the track you want. You can even ask Siri to change volume, skip tracks and skip a few seconds. Playing through AirPlay is also very simple. Select AirPlay from the control panel and select your HomePod from the list of available devices. After this you can play your music and the HomePod will be used as an output source.

How to Change settings for your HomePod?

Apple HomePod is a smart speaker device and all its settings can be accessed through the Apple Home app. Simply head over to the Home app and select your HomePod. A list of different options will show up. You can change things like Siri’s voice, room name and all other settings available for your HomePod from this list.

How to Update your HomePod?

Updating the HomePod is also done through the Apple Home app. Open the Home app, go to the settings and select software update. By default, the HomePod is set to update automatically. If it is not updated you will be presented with a list of available updates. You can start updating by pressing the update option. A white smudge will appear on the HomePod’s top display and will disappear once the HomePod is updated.

Can HomePod play Spotify?

Apple HomePod does not offer support for streaming services like Spotify, Tidal, Deezer etc. except its native Apple Music. However, these services can be used through Apple Airplay. This means that you can select your HomePod as the output speaker to play Spotify, Deezer etc. Although, you can not use Apple Siri to access these services.

However, things are likely to change as Apple hinted in the latest WWDC 2020 keynote that HomePod is going to support third party services using a new update. Both Apple and streaming services are yet to confirm this new feature support but it is supposedly well on its way. This update will allow users to access Spotify, Deezer etc. using Apple Siri and enable many other features. It will be a big step forward for Apple HomePod especially when Apple is on the verge of releasing its brand new HomePod mini.

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