Naim is world’s leading brand for premium audio products & attractive speaker. Naim WiFi speaker is one of the best WiFi speakers due to the superior audio quality. Its products are feature rich and need a mobile app to control their functionalities. It has developed an app to control its wireless audio products in a very simplistic way, along with following  features.

How To Setup Naim Audio App


  • This app allows us music streaming, managing multiroom devices, changing different settings etc.
  • It is available for both the iOS and android devices which makes it very versatile.
  • The wireless systems by Naim generally support streaming services like Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music etc.
  • Functionalities like multiroom and stereo speakers are acce apessible through this app.
  • The app also lets users to customize their Naim speakers.
  • Naim Mu So QB has a glass base with a lighting Naim logo on it.
  • Naim app allows you to change the color of its light.
  • Similarly, Naim speakers usually have preset buttons. These presets can be saved and changed by using the Naim app.
  • Naim claims its app to be the ultimate remote control for the Naim devices and rightly so, as everything can be managed very easily.

Now we will look at how you can use this app to setup your Naim device and play music through it.

How to setup Naim speaker with Naim App?

Setting up you Naim speaker with the app is pretty straightforward. All you need is to download the Naim app on your smart phone and it will guide you through the process step by step. Some people might face difficulty in the setup process so I will walk you through the process.

Naim mu-so speaker can be setup through 2 different ways

  1. By Wire
  2. wireless

Here below a brief explanation of both these methods.


First of all  Look at the bottom of your naim Mu-Su you will see 4 different ports which are following (in sequence).

  • Ethernet port

This port is used to connect the speaker with network connection. (used in wireless method)

  • Analog input port

It is used to directly play sound from a media player or mobile phone. Just plugin analog input wire into the mobile and speaker & enjoy the music.

Setup of naim speaker

  • Optical digital port.

This port is used to connect naim speaker with different optical devices like CD/DVD players etc.

  • HDMI port

This port is used to connect your presentation media players like TV etc with naim speaker.

Setup of naim speaker

  • Power cable port

 Through this port you can provide power to the speaker.


In wireless medium 2 ways are provided by the company

  • Bluetooth

Bluetooth is old technology you just need to power on the naim mu-so speaker, then turn on bluetooth of both devices and pair them to connect.

  • Wifi connectivity. 

Here I will tell you that How to connect your naim speaker with the naim app?/ How to set up the naim audio app? 

To connect Naim audio app through wi-fi You will need just a power cable & Ethernet Cable. Network connection of speaker and app must be same.

  • Download “Naim Aloud App” for your ios or android. 
  • Plugin the power cable & Ethernet Cable into the speaker. Then Power on the speaker.

How to Setup Naim Audio app_System setup

  • Open Naim app, Click on “Setup new Product”.

How to setup Naim Audio app

  • Next you’ll see different models, Select your desired model & follow upcoming app instructions.

How to setup Naim Audio app

  • Keep an eye on the right-hand side of the speaker. You will see a light indicator next to the USB port. When the light’ll convert from blue to white it indicates that you device successfully connected with the speaker.

How to Setup Naim Audio app_System setup

  • Now you can choose music that you want to play.

How to Setup Naim Audio app_System setup

How to use Naim Control app?

Naim Control app has a very unique interface. Naim speakers are very versatile devices and support many inputs like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB, Aux etc. The top of the Naim Control app is dedicated to these different input sources. It is like a navigation panel that displays all the available input options as tabs. You can choose from these tabs to play music.

Let’s say you want to play music through Spotify. You simply have to tap the Spotify tab and the Spotify interface pops up. If you are using Spotify for the first time in the app, it will ask you to log in to your Spotify account. Once you are logged in you can start streaming your favorite playlists.

The settings panel of the app can be accessed by tapping on the little gear icon on the top left corner of the display. From this panel you can access all the different settings options available for your Naim speaker. You can set sleep timers, alarms, change styles and settings for your Naim speaker through this panel. This panel also provides you with volume and bass settings. The multiroom functionality can also be used easily with this app. While playing music you can choose the speaker you want to play music through and adjust their volumes.